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Race report - Etape Copenhagen - a five-stage marathon!

Line and I participated in the course of "Etape Copenhagen", which is a race with a marathon distance of 42,195 km spread over 5 stages. We also participated in 2017, but we did not know each other. Since then, we became friends through Hearing Loss Runners. The race is a good opportunity to test the body to see if it can cope running several days in a row, as we will when we run Ragnar Relay.

stage was Monday evening and the race took place from the harbor in Copenhagen and around Kastellet, 8 km in total.stage was at Line's home ground in Frederiksberg, 9, 2 km from Frederiksberg Stadium and on a warm trip in the park of "Gr√łndalsparken".stage was again in the harbor and around the Opera and Papir√łen, 8 km and a nice trip. Line was dressed as a mountain biker with bicycle helmet and everything, so fun, but also very hot for her to run in. There was competition for the finest outfits and a nice Tyroler pair won the prize.stage was on my home ground in the Valb…

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