Race report - Etape Copenhagen - a five-stage marathon!

Line and I participated in the course of "Etape Copenhagen", which is a race with a marathon distance of 42,195 km spread over 5 stages. We also participated in 2017, but we did not know each other. Since then, we became friends through Hearing Loss Runners. The race is a good opportunity to test the body to see if it can cope running several days in a row, as we will when we run Ragnar Relay.

  1. stage was Monday evening and the race took place from the harbor in Copenhagen and around Kastellet, 8 km in total.
  2. stage was at Line's home ground in Frederiksberg, 9, 2 km from Frederiksberg Stadium and on a warm trip in the park of "Gr√łndalsparken".
  3. stage was again in the harbor and around the Opera and Papir√łen, 8 km and a nice trip. Line was dressed as a mountain biker with bicycle helmet and everything, so fun, but also very hot for her to run in. There was competition for the finest outfits and a nice Tyroler pair won the prize.
  4. stage was on my home ground in the Valby park, 10 km along the south harbor to the "mountain" at Kystager Park and back through the Valbypark. The most beautiful trip of all of them, and we needed it, the fatigue in the legs and body began to show up.
  5. stage and the end of the race were on Amager beach and the race was only 7 km. There was a very good atmosphere and everyone was looking forward to the great results. Line and I ran into our beautiful Royal Run blouses with the logo on "Hearing Loss Runners", and there were actually several people that noticed.

I ran 8 minutes faster than in 2017, so my total time was

4 hours and 33 minutes, and I am very pleased with that.

Line ran in 4 hours and it was roughly the same as last year.

We both had a nice running week. It was cozy and a bit hard, because we were both working full time.during the week. Line was cool, as she cycled back and forth to all stages.



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