An update from the Captain

First of all, the captain wants to say a thousand, thank you very much for the very good sponsorship support that has already come to Hearing Loss Runner's Ragnar account at the Danish Deaf Sports Organisation (DDI). And a very big thank you to Joachim Thor Krøyer from DDI to get the sponsorships.

Now there is about approx. 9 months for our 200-mile race run will take place in Miami, USA. All 11 runners are top motivated and in full training-mode. It is essential that we get trained and prepare the body ready for the big load it is to run 3 stages divided into only 2 days and one night.

Something else is mental preparation - some are still uncertain about whether they save enough money. At the team there are both unemployed and employed people, who want to use Ragnar as motivation and perhaps as a starting point to become more robust and getting stronger in other areas of their lifte!

The race is to find - The Inner Wild - the inner wild cool viking. In a daily life full of challenges like hearing impairment, it really takes your strengh to stand among the norms and believe that you are good enough. There I hope the race can help strengthen the belief in oneself.

If there are some sponsors out there - you are very welcome to help the fighting Hearing Loss Heroes - the hearing impaired - our team - there is so much need for it.

The account number is on our website: - where you can also read about us and find contact information for the team and DDI.

Many greetings from Laila, Team Captain, organizer and master of many things.


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